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Fermentation & gut health by Barbara Herscovici

Lacto-fermentation has been utilised by many cultures for centuries to preserve perishable goods thus making fruits and vegetables available all year around.  In fact, archaeological findings suggest that intentional fermentation has been in common practice for close to 10,000 years.

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Josephine O'Hare
Kraut: a guide from High Mood Food

For many of us, Kraut is the ferment we learn and love first, and at High Mood Food we can’t get enough of it, whether that’s in a toastie, on top of a High Bowl, or in one of our biotic egg pots. It’s the most classic example of the 'dry salt' method of fermentation, which is a brilliant place to start if you are new to fermenting. Here’s a ‘how-to’ that will guide you through your very first batch of kraut.

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