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Eating seasonally for a healthy gut


At High we put seasonal vegetables at the heart of the diet – or High bowl! – and, if one chooses to include animal protein, this is enjoyed in moderation. We call it a varied vegcentric diet, and it’s great for gut health.

There are numerous environmental and social reasons for eating with the seasons, but a seasonal diet can benefit your microbiome too… here’s how:

Microbes love variety

Eating seasonally means that our diet changes month-by-month and we eat the broadest range of plant-based fibre throughout the year. A high-fibre diet is key for a healthy gut - our microbes thrive on fibre! – and, much like us, benefit from variety.

Eat the rainbow

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresher then those flown in from further afield… and the fresher and brighter the veggies, the higher their polyphenol count. Polyphenols are fantastic nourishment for our microbiome, enabling it to assimilate nutrients from food and strengthen our immune system.

Farmers’ markets

Constant hyper-cleanliness isn’t helpful for gut-heath… fresh local vegetables pulled strait from the earth trump sanitized supermarket produce every time! If you choose organic there’s no need to peel, a quick scrub is best, and a little dirt is no bad thing.

Creative cooking

With new ingredients coming into season each month there’s less chance of getting stuck in a ‘food-rut’ cooking the same suppers again and again! Variety is essential for good gut health!

Go with your gut

We celebrate intuitive eating and honouring what your body calls for each day. This tends to sync perfectly with what’s in season … nourishing root vegetable & Kraut stews in winter, and creamy strawberry & Keifr smoothies in summer.

Josephine O'Hare