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In Conversation with Sarah-Ann Macklin

  • High Mood Food 25 Duke Street London W1U 1LD (map)

Marie Claire recently described Sarah as ‘the Jamie Oliver of the Nutrition World’, whilst Rake Magazine recently awarded Sarah “Rake Women of the Year” regarding her work within the nutrition field. Sarah holds a first-class honors BSc in Human nutrition, recognised by the regulatory body AfN (Association of Nutrition). Sarah practices in London’s prestige Harley St. In April 2018, Sarah spoke at European Parliament to act on the current dietary guidelines and our type 2 diabetes epidemic regarding lifestyle and nutrition titled ‘Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for Profit?’

Sarah will explain the do’s and don’ts, with nutrition advice to increase your immunity, liver health and energy during the party season. Sarah will divulge the fads on the market which claims to improve your health, reduce a hangover or simply ‘detox’ your body, allowing you to make informed choices based on evidence. Tickets here