Our management team


As director and founder of High Mood Food, Ursel believes food is our best medicine. Her vision is to make nourishing and healing food easily available and affordable.


Joey’s culinary expertise lies in vegcentric cooking and cultured foods. She has pioneered fermentation in London, and believes that it is the key to unlocking both extraordinary flavours and optimum nutrition.


Meet our charismatic & ever optimistic Duke Street café manager, Nusrat. She has run for the 400m hurdles for GB and The Gambia. She has always had a real interest in good & healthy nutrition, as it is the fuel that allows athletes to compete at their highest level, and also allows the body to function at its best.


As the brand's creative designer, Alina spearheads High's visual communication. Alina loves taking a lighthearted & playful approach to design, and to life in general! She's on a mission to do her bit to brighten up the grey London days with some colour & spark. Alina's favourite meal on the menu is the High bowl – it tastes even better than it looks & visually it's a kaleidoscope. Enough said.


Kevin's background lies in high performance, nutritionally balanced food with both flavour and elegance in spades. He's a trained PT, proud dad, and fitness junkie too.

Our suppliers

At HIGH, we are passionate about our suppliers as they are a huge part of who we are. From yoghurt makers to kombucha fizzers, here is a selection of our inspired suppliers.

Happy Tummy

Karen Collins – Founder 

Karen managed to cure her lifelong, debilitating IBS six years ago through a whole grain product that came out of two years of recipe development working with grains, nuts and seeds. Now having done the same for thousands of people all over the UK through her signature product - the Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaf - Karen is on a mission to rid the world of IBS.

Wild Fizz Kombucha

Gina Geoghegan – Founder

“Our Booch is a sparkling, organic, live cultured hug which will gently give your gut the love and tenderness it deserves. We use only the best organic ingredients, add on heaps of cosmic love to create happiness in every bottle. The future is bright, and full of optimism and change. This is our way of spreading beams of love and rays of light”

Dash Water

Alex & Jack – Founders Dash Water

Dash Water was set up by two friends Alex and Jack, on a mission to encourage people to start drinking more water and stop throwing away deliciously-wonky fruit and veg (the mishaps which are rejected by the supermarkets). The result is refreshing sparkling water with a dash of flavour - no sugar, no calories, no sweeteners.


CRU Kafe sales team

"We are CRU Kafe, an exciting coffee start-up based in West London. Our mission is simple: to deliver the highest quality coffee from around the world. We care about the big picture and that means sustainable organically grown beans, Fair Trade suppliers, eco-friendly packaging and honest customer relationships."

Daily Dose

George founded Daily Dose in his parents’ kitchen in 2016. Having outgrown the domestic juicer somewhat, George opened his juicing kitchen in Battersea, where he rescues wonky fruit and veg from organic suppliers at nearby New Covent Garden Market. Some juice pulp is baked into biscuits and crackers and sold in London cafes, whilst the rest of it is taken away by a Surrey farmer to feed to his livestock!

Nut Blend

Nut Blend is changing the way people think about sugar and providing an indulgent, sugar-free alternative in every spoonful. Their nut butters celebrate natural, wholesome ingredients, and avoid all added sugars, sweeteners, salt and oils. Nut Blend prioritizes flavour and "feel good" – we can’t get enough!

Ossa Organic

Ossa Organic believes in the restorative, healing properties of premium bone broth, and we agree! Their range of broths is made of only the highest quality bones, filtered water and organic vegetables. They value a slow, traditional cooking method that helps to extract nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

Lalani & Co London

Lalani & Co London are specialist tea merchants, and experts in Japanese matcha. Their matcha comes from family-run gardens in Japan where the tea is grown to organic standards and the leaves are selected from the premium spring season. Lalani & Co’s mission is to find the most authentic and delicious tasting tea from across the world.