Come and join us for an evening of all things teff with Karen O'Donoghue, founder of The Happy Tummy Co. We'll start with some Wild Fizz kombucha and snacks provided by High, and hear from Karen on her life's work with the miraculous grain (and gut-health ingredient of the moment!) teff!

Guests will each shape and bake a 48 hour fermented teff loaf, and shall go home with the recipe and knowledge of how to prepare it for themselves at home next time. Karen will be sharing her expertise on the nutritional benefits of teff as we bake.

While the loaves are in the oven we'll gather in the back of our shop over good-gut chat and a light supper provided by High Mood Food.

The Happy Tummy Co is one of our favourite partners we have the pleasure of working with at High, and our customers absolutely adore it... here's a little more info about Karen and her company:

Karen managed to cure her lifelong, debilitating IBS seven years ago through a wholegrain teff product that came out of two years of recipe development working with grains, nuts and seeds. Now, having done the same for thousands of people all over the UK through her signature product - the Wholegrain Chia Teff Loaf - Karen is on a mission to make food functional and enjoyable for people with gut health issues and to eradicate IBS in the 33% of the population suffering with it.

The Happy Tummy Co. is the first company in the UK and Europe to legally import teff from Ethiopia, the motherland of Lovegrass (teff) and the country that first cultivated grain for human consumption. Teff is central to all their products due to it's high percentage of prebiotic fibre as well as vitamin and mineral contents comparable to supplement amounts.

Date & Time: Tue 27 February 2018, 18:45 - 20:45

Location: High Mood Food, 25 Duke Street, London W1U 1LD

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