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About High mood food

Go with your gut

We are a new healthy food brand and café with a unique focus on gut health. Our food is nutritious, vegcentric and inclusive, and we champion intuitive eating - #gowithyourgut. We pack our fresh, seasonal menus with the beneficial live bacteria of fermented foodsour speciality!

High Mood Food was founded by Ursel Barnes + Joey O’Hare. Brought up in West Berlin, Ursel was raised on homemade breads, fermented local food + lots of yoga. Following her career in finance, Ursel trained as an executive coach. Working with highly pressurised professional clients, she knows the critical difference a healthy diet makes to wellbeing on every level - from professional performance to personal happiness.

Joey’s background is food; she’s been chef for ten years and has played a vital role in the fermentation revival in London. After making it to the final twelve on Masterchef the Professionals, Joey ran a successful pop-up in 2016 where her menus championed a seasonal, vegcentric way of eeating and incorporated the wonder of cultured and fermented foods. She believes the complexity of flavour of fermentation is essential to exciting vegcentric cooking, and that this savoury tang and is highly addictive!

With our dual approach – holistic wellbeing + culinary expertise – ‘health food’ has never been quite so exciting.


The High Tribe

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Ursel Barnes


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Joey O’Hare

Managing Partner &
Exec chef

Kevin Bryant

Head Chef


Nusrat Ceesay

Café Manager

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Alina Danai

Visual Communication